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WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Health Canada
AVERTISSEMENT : Les produits de vapotage contiennent de la nicotine. La nicotine crée une forte dépendance. - Santé Canada


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STLTH PRO Pods in Canada

Introducing the 2023 innovation: STLTH Pro Pods by Quality Vapes! Elevate your vaping with our revamped pod system, designed exclusively for the new STLTH Pro Device. Now boasting a generous 4ml e-liquid capacity—nearly double the previous version—these pods are engineered to sustain your vape enjoyment for extended periods.

The unique nicotine formulation of STLTH PRO Pods is specially crafted for a supremely smooth experience, catering to adult smokers seeking a seamless transition from conventional tobacco products. Their convenient visible e-liquid design and soft tip mouthpiece provides an easy and comfortable user experience. 

**Note: These pods are exclusively compatible with the STLTH Pro Device and will not work with older STLTH models.

STLTH PRO Pod Features:

  • Designed for the STLTH PRO Device
  • Visible E-liquid Design
  • Soft Tip Mouthpiece 
  • Integrated Vertical Mesh Coil For Superior Flavour Delivery
  • Includes Five Pod Packs Per Carton
  • Includes Two 4.0 mL Pod Cartridges Per Pack

STLTH Pro Pod Flavours

Available in 15 flavours, each STLTH PRO POD PACK includes two pod cartridges.

  1. Blue Strawberry Ice: Dive into a cooling blend of strawberry and icy menthol.

  2. Green Grape: Savor the crisp and tangy taste of green grapes.

  3. Strawnana Orange Ice: A tropical fusion of strawberry, banana, and zesty orange with a menthol finish.

  4. Raspberry Lemon Lime Ice: Experience a zesty trio of raspberry, lemon, and lime with an icy kick.

  5. Lush Ice: Revel in the refreshing combination of watermelon and cooling menthol.

  6. Fruit Splash Ice: A medley of assorted fruits, finished with a menthol burst.

  7. Double Peach Ice: Enjoy the double delight of peachy goodness with an icy twist.

  8. Razz Currant Ice: Experience the berrylicious flavors of raspberry and black currant on ice.

  9. Peach Dragonfruit Ice: A unique blend of juicy peach and exotic dragonfruit, chilled to perfection.

  10. Mango Pineapple Peach Ice: A tropical bounty of mango, pineapple, and peach with a cooling finish.

  11. Golden Tobacco: Rich and robust tobacco flavor for the purists.

  12. Citrus Frost: Unveil a zingy amalgamation of citrus fruits with a frosty exhale.

  13. Cappuccino Ice: Indulge in the aromatic blend of coffee and milk with a frosty kick.

  14. Blue Razz Melon Ice: A sweet mix of blue raspberry and melon with a cooling sensation.

  15. Arctic Mint: Embrace the icy chill of polar mint.

Elevate your vaping adventure with these captivating flavors, exclusively from STLTH Pro Pods by Quality Vapes.

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